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We are busy trying to find publishers for translations of "Philosophy of Madness; Fundamental and Transgressive Insights" (Filosofie van de waanzin) and "Pure Madness; Search for the Psychotic Experience" (Pure waanzin). 
Here are some German and English translations and other texts from these two books:

Philosophy and Madness. Radical Turns in the Natural Attitude to Life. (2016). In: Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, 23.2, pp. 129-146.

- Preface to Philosophy of Madness (2014).
- Table of content and Introduction to Philosophy of Madness (2014).
- Afterword to Pure Madness (2004).

Philosophie und Wahnsinn. Zu einer Umkehrung der natürlichen LebenshaltungIn: Th. Breyer & Fuchs (eds.). (to be published). Selbst und Selbststörungen. Bonn: Alber Verlag.

Fragment aus Philosophie des Wahnsinns (2014).